ME Remington Steele

CLLC Twister X Paulla Girl

ME Remington Steele

Remi is perhaps the best conformed stud on the farm. Elegant, upright, stretchy, square, it's just hard to find anything to improve on with this boy. The first time I layed eyes on Remi, I knew I had to have him; it was llama lust big-time! Remi is one of the last sons of CLLC Twister, a Grand Champion El Fuerte line sire. Twister was such a sweetheart that between winning purple ribbons, he used to give kiddie rides to his owner's children. Remi is also a gentle giant. Half-Peruvian, he is a stunning steel-grey. Besides El Fuerte, he has Peruvian Pardo, Federico, and Lopez in his pedigree. Remi's first kids are due this fall and I suspect they will be keepers.

ME Remington Steele ME Remington Steele ME Remington Steele

ILR for ME Remington Steele

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