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Fractured Translations

Recently on the Web there appeared several sites that would do translations on the fly of websites, with the intent that website designers would link to them to let people who spoke a different language read their words. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I ran the first page of our website through one of these sites ( several times to see what they would produce. Here is what I got:

From English to Spanish to English:

We are Daniel and Ellen Prosser, the proprietors of Yenneveldt cultivates flames. Our farm is located in the colorful village of the center of Montague, MA, in the heart of the pioneering valley of western Massachusetts. We are in the last pungent of a previous farm of cows that was executed by the Brown family by concludo a century. Yenneveldt of the word is Yiddish for ``way towards outside in the posteriora part of beyond ' '. We chose it like joke because the parents of Ellen, natural of Miami, think that we lived impossible far from the civilization. The farm is really in the Main Street in Montague, and is only 15 minutes leads Amherst and 7 minutes far from 91 from a state to another one. We began outside does of several years with five flames, a man and four females. We discovered quickly what can be a joy these animals; we have learned so much since then, and we have satisfied much wonderful people who were right as captivated as we are with these magnificent animals. We are trusted to the healthy raising, well-comformed animals, and to educate them to be comfortable, accessible, and manageable. Crias taken in Yenneveldt is desensitized to the direction with the newspaper of the method of Mail for the first week of their lives. Each animal that we sell halter-halter-trained and (if his temperament is satisfied for him) disc-pack-trained battery also. If you wanted to visit Yenneveldt, she gives a call us in (413) 367-0105, or to email we in

From English to French to German to English:

We are Daniel, and Inches Prosser cultivate the owners of Yenneveldt touched. Our farm is settled in the pictorial village of the center by Montague, MA, in the heart of the Pionierintales Massachusetts western. We are on the last morning old milk operation, which was executed of the Brown family during more than one century. The Wortyenneveldt is Yiddish for "way outside in the back from over". We it as joke selected, because the family members from Inches, natives think from Miami, that we live impossiblement far away on the civilization. The farm is real on the Main Street in Montague and is only 15 minutes controls by Amherst and 7 minutes far away from 91 of a status to another. We have outside it to have begun from several years with five touched there, one male and four females. We uncovered fast, what knows a joy to be these animals; we learned so much since then and are many marvelous persons meet, who were fair as captivated, as we are with these great animals. We at the healthy multiplication ordered wave comformed of the animals to raise and it in order to be friendly, accessible and handy. They cried continuously with Yenneveldt at the handling with the method newspaper of Mallon for the first week of their lives desensitized. Each animal, which we sell ourselves owner owner trained and (if its appropriate temper at it) emballer luggage trained likewise. If you liked to visit Yenneveldt, 367-0105 or email us a call (413) to give, us on

From English to Chinese to English:

Welcome to Yenneveldt! We are Daniel and Ellen Prosser, the Yenneveldt owner farm the llama. Our farm locates the Montague center, the MA picturesque village, in west Massachusetts pioneer valley heart. We are in run one front milch cow field by the brown family in one century finally several acres. Word yenneveldt is Yiddish is the " exportation in behind outside ' '. We chose it take the joke because of the Ellen parents, the Miami native, thought we impossible to live leave the civilized very far place. This farm in fact is in the big street in Montague, with is only 15 minutes driving from outside Amherst and 7 minutes from interstate 91. We start besides several years front and five llamas, the male and four females. We rapidly discovered what joyful these animals possibly were; We extremely learned from that after, with met is precisely the captivated many wonderful people is similar to us is and these magnificent animals. We do to breed the health, the very good consistent animal, with trains them is friendly, may consult with, with is easy to process. The Crias burden is decreased in Yenneveldt sensitively to handles with the Mallon method daily paper for the first week their life. We sell each animal halter is trained and (if its temperament is suitable with it) the packing is trained. If you want to visit Yenneveldt, makes the phone call to us one time to (413) 367-0105, or the electronic mail we to

From English to Japanese to English:

Welcome to Yenneveldt! We are Daniel, the Ellen Prosser cultivates the owner llama of the Yenneveldt. Our farms are the center of the Montague, in the village like the picture of the central MA of the ride in advance valley of the western. We were moved by the brown family with respect to the century when it is small-numbered acre of dairy farming place farm before most afterwards. The yenneveldt of word is exceeds the Yiddish for the exit of the `` of the back section ' '. As for us the extent which is not directly believed from civilization you had lived and thing the parent namely the Miami native people of the Ellen, was to think and it chose that as for me as a joke. The farm does 15 minute luck revolution which from the Amherst and 7 minutes from 91 of state solidarity really, pass in principal sort of the Montague, is. We 5 llamas, before man and 4 women begin from several years and the are. Thing we who the joy can be these animals were accustomed to seeing directly; Us who meet to the people whom we learn the ever since that so, many are splendid these magnificent animals a certain way the fair way it was the captivated. As for us health, the animal which is adjusted and amicable, the approachable, you endeavor in propagating the fact that those are raised because it is easy to process. The crias which withstands with the Yenneveldt desensitization is done first to processing of the Mallon methodological daily newspaper of week of life. Any respective dynamic things which we sell are trained the halter and (the temperament is suited because of that) and to stuff, it is trained. When the fact that you visit the Yenneveldt is desired, (413) with 367-0105 or us give our calls, to the email with the

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